The surprise sibite

 The name of the new technologies to many of the most prestigious fair sibita. There is some disagreement, but none of them sibitera modern lifestyle does not see the importance of the small. The fair has been held annually since 1970, Hanover, Germany. This year, the 0 to 4 March. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, drones, the Internet of Things, virtual reality and phaibhaji sibita This year's fair is the mainstream. The new technology has shown that the fair, which has been rotated around the seven issues.

This year's partner country of the fair was sibita Japan. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took part in the opening session. Merkel about the importance of open markets. Abe brought his country and launching new trade negotiations. The two visited the fair. They are two very closely with Intel on this drone that was watching, it was a chance to learn, however, that both are very interested in new technology, there is no doubt.
Sibita fair presentation of the new IT platform. So companies do not want to miss this opportunity. A man dressed in odd-looking equipment in the picture, with one robot. In some cases, the performance is limited. The robot is limited to border concerns. Therefore, the performance robots with human intelligence has been to try to Michelle. That is what people want to do after this machine, robot will show just that. Especially where humans can not go to the people for dangerous or physical limitations that can be used in the robot.

First, remember that it, symbolic image. In this age of digital everything, that reflects the basic principles of sibitera. The fact that there is no reason hackers will loot the vault. The resources are being plundered, but the hack. And that hackers are sitting at home, via the Internet, taking advantage of the uninterrupted communication. Sibite cyber security conference several workshops were held. One of the ways to raise awareness about cyber security on the sidelines in the role of a hacker was showing.

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