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What is Neobux

This is a great website Neobux income online. Online the biggest, oldest and PTC site is attractive Neobux. The most interesting thing about this site is that you can do business invests money without spending money you can earn just work. Neobux from March 10 until today, 008 have been successfully business.

How to register free?

Step 1:  Click here sign up and click on this link. If you find the following interface.

Step:2 Registration for the "Register" button. If you find the following interface.

Step:3 Fill up the Registration from

Username: Enter a name of your choice.

Password: Enter your password.

Password confirmation: Enter your password again.

Email: Enter your email address.

Birth Year: enter your birth year. (ID card as they are).

Verification Code: Enter the code on the right side of the box. Check the box next to Mark at the 'Continue' button.

Paypal / Payza Email:  Enter your payza email. If you do not enter your email address again. (And have an account with an e-mail that will be open. However, you can change them later.)
Birth Year: enter your birth year. (ID card as they are)
Verification Code: Enter the code on the right side of the box with a check mark 'Continue' button.

Step 4: Now you can login to your e-mail. There is a code number has been sent to niobaksa. The number of copies of the "Validation Code for ......" long box below and paste.Type in the box next to the image of the Verification Code.Finish registration' button to complete your registration. Now Your account is ready to use.

Now log in your account

Login to account

Click Login button

Username: The username given during registration.

Password: Write the password during registration.

Secondary Password: leave blank. Do not write anything here.

Verification Code: Enter the code shown on the 'send' button.

                                How  Do                       

Step 1: Login to the "View Advertisement" Clicking on that will add around 20-27.

Step 2: in this page some 'advertisement' You will see. Click on any one. After an icon will appear. (Red or something else)

Step 3: Click on the red button. A new page will appear and you should see a line like this (Waiting for the advertisement to load ..)

Step 4: Wait for the page to fully load. When fully loaded, should see a line like this (Advertisement validated! $ 0.001 + 1 Bonus Pack were credited in your account.

Other ways to earn money from Neobux

In this way an 'advertisement' view is done. Close the page (close) day. One by one, all the way to some 'advertisement' to add 20 -30 am to 5 minutes only.20 add the income you would have seen at $ 0.0020. If you have a month to $ 0,600. Let's see how you can increase revenue.

Dissolve way to earn money from this site include: view advertisement, adprize, Neo Points, Neo Coins, Mini Jobs, Rent Referrals, Direct Referrals. One by one, all the way to dissolve income will be discussed briefly.

3.1. View advertisement: This issue has been discussed in detail above.

3.2. Adprize: 3 adprize You can click on each advertisement. After completing the view advertisement adprize click Point can collect. The referral, which can buy. You can rent.

3.3 Neo Points: Offers> Neo Points. Offers on 3, you will see after clicking.  This is the Neo Points, Neo Coins, Mini Jobs. Neo Points to receive offers to complete. By doing this you will get Neo Points. 1Neo Points = $ 0.003

3.4. Neo Coins: Offers> Neo Coins. Find Neo Coins for completing the offers. 5000 Neo Coins = $ 5

3.5. Mini Jobs: Offers> Mini Jobs. This is a great way to earn money. The more you do the more income will be Mini Jobs. Mini Jobs will receive payment for each order. It also can be unlimited.

                                                         3.6. Rent Referrals 

This site is the main bussness rentals referral. This referral was the rent for one month. The more referrals, the more income that will be his.
20 cents per month to pay for the RR. Buy low rates for more than a day.
RR 1.20, but if you work every day can earn $ 1 per month Per RR. If you do not click on the RR with the 7 cents to Recycle. Recycle those with means 7 cents Referral will be changing with another RR.

                                                          3.7. Direct Referral

Your referrals by clicking the link that will SIGNUP that your Direct Referral. You can link your Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Blog / Website / Ptc Site may add Direct Referral collect. the Direct Referral collect early, but not easy. That is why I

#Emerald Sapphire
# Plutinam Diamond

Membership There are limits to rent your referral. Membership Category of your click count will increase the rate of income and referral income.

Some of the benefits you will join repharele. As a result you will get all kinds of support.Thank you & good luck.

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