IPhone 8 will not get everyone!

 At the beginning of the new iPhone will not get everybody. IPhone 8 United Tech company plans a limited market release. Is rumored, this time could be three models of the iPhone on the market. Two models will come to the market in the past year, the next version of the iPhone. This year, the iPhone 7 and iPhone plus S and 7 S 8 may come on the market.

By September, the company plans to release a new iPhone on the market. The lower left of the iPhone on the market early next year will increase the number of Apple.
                                                             It could be iPhone

According to the market researcher said myakariumarasa technical website, a new feature of the new iPhone is coming. The wireless charging facilities. Everyone came to power at the beginning of September, Apple announced the new iPhone will not be 8. The new iPhone will be available in the fourth quarter.

The Nikkei business newspaper has revealed information about the price of the iPhone 8. Nikkeiyera, according to the price of the iPhone 8 will be a thousand dollars. Eyabatkalera it will be the most expensive iPhone.

The OLED display on the phone will be 5 percent to 8 inches in size. In addition, Apple will introduce major changes to the design. 

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